Why Is A Cabling Warranty Useful

Why Is A Cabling Warranty Useful


Many people do not consider a warranty as a possible option when it comes to structured cabling. However, any reputable company will provide a warranty on a solution that they design and install. A warranty can typically only be provided when a whole solution has been designed using specific parts, and then installed by manufacturer-certified installers.

For example, one warranty-based solution is called PanGen. This refers to two different manufacturers (Panduit and General Cable) who have teamed together to provide a whole end-to-end solution. Panduit manufactures all the parts used in a structured cabling solution such as jacks, wire management, special tools, etc, and General Cable manufactures the cable.

When a certified PanGen installer implements a PanGen solution and provides test results showing that all of the cables meet their exact test requirements, then the solution will receive an official warranty certification of 25 years. What does this mean to you? If any component at any time fails during the life of the solution, regardless of who installed it, the warranty will cover the failure and remedy it at no charge.

We have not seen many warranty claims in the many years we have been installing PanGen solutions. However, the value of the assurance this provides to our clients is hard to measure. You know when you get that warranty certificate that you have a cabling infrastructure that was professionally installed and constructed using quality parts. The probability of a long-lasting, defect-free implementation is very high, and customer satisfaction from these warrantied solutions is undeniably strong.