Contact Center: Is Yours Making or Costing You Money?

Contact Center: Is Yours Making or Costing You Money?

If you have a contact center that’s costing you money and not really improving your business, then it’s not serving its purpose.  

Many of our clients use contact center features to improve business interactions with their customers. Contact center software should enhance your customer’s experience when they contact your organization.  Every call into your organization – phone, chat, or email – is an opportunity to provide great service that will make the customer experience delightful.  If your contact center doesn’t do this, you’re missing out on a chance to better serve your customer.  

Problems That a Contact Center Can Solve

  • Callers hear the phone ring multiple times before being answered instead of being placed into a queue that tells them about your other products and services while they hold, as well as their estimated hold time
  • Callers get transferred around before finally reaching someone who understands their issue and knows how to solve it
  • Callers hang up before being connected with the right resource

These are all problems that a contact center solution will solve.  We’ve deployed these solutions for as few as 5 agents and as many as 300.  They can be simple or complex, depending on the desired call flow and the number of options a customer can choose from when calling.   

Contact Center Can Improve Your Business

At the end of the day, it has to improve your business by either saving you money or making you money.  To achieve this goal you need full visibility on incoming calls:

  • When do you receive the most calls?
  • What are the wait times?
  • How long does it take for someone to answer?
  • What’s the average call length?
  • How many people hang up before speaking with someone?
  • Can you listen or record these calls for training?

 Many of these reports come from built-in reporting software on your contact center platform.  But in some cases it can be valuable to add third-party software to provide even more functionality.


We use a product called CalabrioONE as a bolt-on software to our Cisco Unified Contact Center platform.  It adds tremendous capabilities, such as: 

Call Recording

Record every call, and quickly search for recorded calls to provide training or problem resolution.  

Quality Management

Capture and monitor calls, then evaluate and analyze.  

Workforce Management

Let the system tell you when you need to have agents online and available based on call volume and history.  


Grade every call, so you can visually see how happy or upset your customers are when they call, and use this data to influence your products and service.   

Advanced Reporting

Tune out the noise and see what’s really going on with the calls coming into your company.  

This is a powerful suite of software that will enhance your contact center significantly.   

If you aren’t able to determine how well your contact center is functioning for you, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth. 

We’d be happy to evaluate your current situation so you can improve your business. Get in touch.