How Therapeutic Pathways Connected Their Expanding Company With WebEx

How Therapeutic Pathways Connected Their Expanding Company With WebEx

About the Client

Therapeutic Pathways

Modesto, CA


Number of Employees


WebEx Room Kits
Cisco DX80s
WebEx Teams

The Problem

Therapeutic Pathways is an agency that provides evidence-based treatment for people on the autism spectrum. Their mission is “to improve the lives of everyone affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.” They operate across several sites in Northern California and have a couple hundred employees.

When companies grow across geography it often becomes difficult for employees to connect with each other, especially when those employees are frequently traveling from site to site for meetings. Getting face time can be challenging, and email is not an efficient way to communicate rapidly.

Therapeutic Pathways was experiencing three problems:

1. Keeping a growing, multi-site company connected.
2. Staying on top of licensing.
3. Meeting employees’ different needs (just a desk phone, full collaboration capabilities, etc.).

The Challenge

Therapeutic Pathways was looking for a way to solve these issues but also fully integrate the solution into their existing on-premise voice system. Additionally, the IT team needed a way to prove to management that the solution would actually work.

Therapeutic Pathways Modesto Corporate Office.

The Solution

We invited Therapeutic Pathways into our office to experience the latest in video conferencing technology.

We then created a proof of concept at the client’s location using equipment best suited to their different environments: a standalone DX80 unit for desktop, two different Webex Room Kits for conference rooms of different sizes, and a trial implementation of Webex Teams to demonstrate how real-time communication can work within the organization and integrate seamlessly with the video conferencing devices.

After a 60-day trial period, Therapeutic Pathways’ management was convinced. They were really excited about the ability to migrate to cloud calling gradually without purchasing all new licensing, and they also valued Cisco’s end-to-end support.

The final solution consisted of five Webex Room Kits, seven DX80 desktop video units, and Webex Teams. It’s been an outstanding success. They are now able to bring in people from any location on any kind of device—PC, mobile, or video system—and collaborate in real-time. The productivity increase has been substantial, and the user experience tremendously positive.

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