Cabling Case Study: Data Center Clean Up

Cabling Case Study: Data Center Clean Up

About the Client

Central Valley Community Bank

Fresno, CA


Number of Employees

Main Outcomes

More rack space
Wire management
Clear cable paths

The Problem

Central Valley Community Bank has maintained a data center at their main Fresno, CA location for about 10 years. When they originally moved into this facility, physical servers were still in style and it was common to have a single server running a single application, or at best, one server running a few applications. The result was a lot of physical servers. 

Over the last 5 years, CVCB has been virtualizing all of their systems which has allowed them to de-commission dozens of unneeded servers and hardware. It eventually became obvious that a lot of equipment was still sitting in the racks and plugged in, but in an off-state. It was time to go through the clean up process.  

Data center clean up — before.

Data center clean up — before.

The Challenge

Taking down a data center to re-cable and clean up is a significant project and takes a considerable amount of time.

CVCB is open 6 days per week, and their ATM machines operate 24/7 across more than 20 sites. The challenge was to complete this work with as little downtime as possible. And as we all know, systems that go off for maintenance don’t always come back on.

Making sure that everything was plugged back into the correct switch ports and wired to the correct power grid for primary and secondary would be critical to everything coming back online properly.

There was some inherent risk involved that would need to be accounted for, and we developed a solid test plan to insure everything was tested for operational use before the maintenance window was over. 

The Solution

Our cabling technicians spent the week leading up to the maintenance window documenting every single cable and where each one went. Our engineers reviewed every piece of equipment within the data center to determine whether it needed to remain or be fully decommissioned and removed. 

We developed a new rack layout for the remaining equipment. When the maintenance window began, we removed all of the equipment and cables from the racks, replaced the active equipment, re-terminated patch panels to accommodate better cable paths, and put additional wire management into place. The results were stunning. 

More than 50% of the rack space was reclaimed and everything was organized and labeled. We stayed within the established maintenance window and there were zero issues the next morning thanks to a solid testing plan. CVCB now has a data center they can be proud of!

Data center clean up — after.

Data center clean up — after.

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