Telcion Managed Security is Like Having Your Own Security Team

Telcion Managed Security is Like Having Your Own Security Team

Remote workers. New devices and applications. Determining which people and devices can be trusted on the network. These are all areas of concern for security teams.

It's never been more important or more challenging to stay ahead of issues that might introduce risk into your environment.

The main question to ask is, “Do I have the right security layers in place to protect my organization against malicious attacks?” It’s also important to make sure you have staff to deal with alerts and act in stopping those threats.

Most companies have some security products that protect parts of their devices and networks. These point products need daily management to address alerts, validate threats, and help stop threats from moving through your environment. This requires resources, tools, and a plan to ensure you and your company are protected.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to build your own security operations center. Another option is to outsource to a company that will manage your security operations center for you. Both options can be costly, but there is another solution.

What is Telcion Managed Security?

Telcion Managed Security bridges the gap between your toolsets and the resources to manage a well-defined security plan.

Our team takes on the heavy lifting of a security operations center, executing your customized security strategy and reducing risk in your environment. We work with you to not only bring point products and create a layered security approach, but also to develop a plan that includes many areas of focus.

What exactly do we do?

As a part of the Telcion Managed Security offering, Telcion will drive the following activities.

We’ll provide you with a security management scope with these focus areas:

  • Alert management from 6am-6pm
  • Event logging
  • Basic remediation of issues
  • Communication to your team when major threats are identified, along with a plan of action
  • Execution of breach plan, if needed
  • Reporting from systems

We’ll also conduct a Quarterly Security Review that will:

  • Review your plan goals, tasks, and timelines
  • Review your security roadmap for adding or replacing point products with Cisco SECURE solutions
  • Review your breach plan to ensure it reflects your current environment
  • Telcion Managed Security gives you the peace of mind that comes from having an extended security team.

What’s included in the base offering?

  • Security plan
  • Management of up to 3-point products (customized proposal based on environment)
  • Telcion Security Scope

The base offering can be customized to include various add-ons within the Cisco Secure portfolio. These solutions are all priced differently—some per user, some per device—and will be in addition to the monthly base offering pricing. Most add-on products are subscription-based.

Cisco SECURE Add-ons

We’ll propose these solutions based on needs within your security plan. Pricing varies.

  • Firewalls/Threat Defense & AnyConnect VPN
  • Umbrella
  • SECURE Endpoints & Network (formerly Advanced Malware Protection)
  • Email Security
  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Threat Grid
  • SecureX

The Security Plan

A security plan is a vital element to any organization. In developing your plan together, we’ll:

  • Complete an assessment of your security environment
  • Take inventory of your current toolsets
  • Address deficiencies in your current toolset (such as products not fully deployed, issues that are causing grief, etc.)
  • Identify gaps in security layers and make recommendations to fill them
  • Learn your attitude about your existing security products
  • Provide a roadmap for a unified security approach
  • Develop a managed services scope
  • Identify gaps in your cyber insurance coverage
  • Set security initiative goals and timelines, and track plan execution stages
  • Create a breach remediation plan that includes fast-acting internal & 3rd party emergency services to investigate and remediate breaches quickly

Your company should also have an internal operations & communication strategy in place to address company-level concerns, like:

  • Internal communications
  • No external communications with explicit approval from management
  • Plans your company need to make to deal with compliance agencies
  • Engagement of legal resources needed
  • Internal protocols to stop breached materials from spreading

Planning is an essential part of any security offering. Let us walk alongside you to help drive your security initiatives as an extended member of your team. If you’d like to discuss your security plan and see how we can help you increase your security posture, let’s talk!

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