Telcion Communications University: Training People Well

Telcion Communications University: Training People Well

This month we're bringing you guest blog posts from people on our team who are enrolled in TCU classes. They'll be sharing their experiences and things they've learned. Today we're hearing from Eric Mueller.

Richard Branson once said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”

Telcion Communications University is designed to train our employees in four different areas of growth.  
I’m the VP of Sales at Telcion and came to work here through an acquisition. As soon as I started, I was struck by the culture of this company. The wonderful culture starts from the top.

Our CEO, Lance Reid, is a big-time learner. He is a reader, and a leader in showing our company that learning is a part of individual and company growth. You cannot separate these two concepts. Company growth is directly tied to individual growth.

The sum of the parts of Telcion make up the engine that drives us forward. We learn from our mistakes, learn from others, and grow in areas where weaknesses are identified. We learn through reading books and talking in team settings.

The classes are all focused on various concepts that our COO/CFO, Michelle Padilla, put together to walk us through the journey of learning. You could call it a collective resource of books and concepts that speak to areas Telcion values.

Individual growth comes when we reflect on our own behavior and start to identify areas we can grow in. This is a collective effort across the whole company. This is how we grow individually, which helps the company grow as a whole.
One of the values of Telcion is curiosity. Curiosity is what propels us forward in our learning as we continue to consume resources to grow. I’ve found myself hungry for more, even beyond the TCU program. I’m always looking to learn from podcasts and books, and I make a continued effort to take the TCU class framework to my team. When we learn and grow together, we build a sense of community.

It’s always cool to see the progress of the team around you, as we are all in this journey together. Richard Branson nailed it with his words. TCU creates the environment to be trained well enough to leave, but the culture and how employees are treated at Telcion makes people want to stay.

We all are improving in this journey together. We get to do life together, learn from our mistakes, learn from others, but most importantly have a sense of accomplishment when we look back and see the positive trajectory of our personal and professional lives.

TCU has been a big part of that growth for all of us at Telcion and we are grateful for it. Hats off to Michelle and Lance for bringing this program to life. Can’t wait to see what’s next on all of our journeys to serve our clients as best we can.  

If you're interested in participating in a TCU class with your own coworkers, email Michelle Padilla.

This article was contributed by Eric Mueller, VP of Sales at Telcion.