How To Manage Genea Cloud-Based Access Control

How To Manage Genea Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control systems can be difficult to setup.

Between managing lock hardware installation, cabling, termination, controller provisioning, user setup, and testing, there’s a lot of room for things to be forgotten. If not executed well, these things can potentially keep your employees stranded outside.

The good news is we can handle all the project management, leaving you with a running system. All you need to handle is the day-to-day administration.

In the past, administration of access control systems has been a pain. Use a single dedicated computer to create a card for the new user, use another computer to add the newly created card to the system, test the card, etc.

Genea eliminates almost all of these pain points. You can handle administration through either their web interface or mobile app, available for iPhone and Android. Although not all features are available on the app, almost all regularly needed functions are.

So how simple is it to manage Genea's access control?

Well in my opinion it is very simple.

Here is a breakdown of management features and where you can find them.

Mobile App

In the mobile app, you can:

View access and audit logs

Access Logs and Audit Logs in the mobile app.

View and provision users, cards, and mobile keys

View and provision users in the mobile app.

Temporarily or permanently unlock doors, and enable emergency lock down or hold open

Temporarily or permanently unlock doors, and enable emergency lock down or emergency hold open in the mobile app.


Web Interface

The web interface provides all of the app features, plus:

Overall system dashboard including statistics

System dashboard.

Hardware and door provisioning

Hardware and door provisioning.

Camera integration management

Camera integration management.

Email notification settings

Email notification settings.

Log exports

Log exports.

Access control groups setup

Access control groups setup.

This post was contributed by Spencer Boyd, Network Engineer @ Telcion.

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