Does Telcion Offer Microsoft Services?

Does Telcion Offer Microsoft Services?

We are often if Telcion provides any Microsoft implementation services.  And the answer is always a resounding YES. 

But we can understand why people ask us this question. After all, we’re constantly pounding the Cisco drum. One of our unique attributes is that we're heavily focused on Cisco solutions. 

But the key here is that Cisco and Microsoft—for the majority of their offerings—work together to create an overall solution. In a couple of products, there is some overlap. Let’s discuss the difference and where Telcion fits in.   

Data Centers

From our perspective, Cisco is an infrastructure company.  And we use their products to build infrastructure solutions.

Take data centers for instance.

Once we’ve designed a data center server solution with Cisco hardware, we often need to layer on Microsoft software to finish building out the services to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our engineers have deep expertise in Microsoft server software and know how to help you design and build the infrastructure and software services that will support your entire company.

For example, you may have existing physical servers running Microsoft server software that need to be migrated to a virtualized platform.  We can do that.  Or maybe you need help designing and architecting an active directory structure, or implementing standard DHCP or DNS services—we can do that too.  

Cloud-Based Email and Active Directory

We have also helped numerous clients make the transition from on-premise email using Microsoft Exchange to Office365 email in the cloud.  This is a natural transition for most of our clients, and we bring in the expertise to make the migration seamless.   

More and more we’re also helping people move to ADFS services (think single-sign on with any app using your active directory credentials).  We also have clients who want to leverage Azure AD so they can completely host their active directory in the cloud instead of being dependent on their own servers. 

With so many people working from so many possible locations, having your AD available in the cloud simplifies things.  Increasingly, the security solutions and other apps that we deploy are cloud-based, and having a cloud-based directory makes it easier to integrate various features.  We’re able to help with all of these transitions.  

Collaboration & Voice

The final component revolves around collaboration and voice. 

This is with the use of Microsoft Teams, and this is where we have some competition with the Cisco product suite.  We often lead with a Cisco collaboration solution featuring Webex, but we also know our clients are often already using Microsoft Teams and need a partner who can help them leverage Teams to be their voice app for the enterprise. 

With Telcion’s 20 years of VoIP experience, we know how voice works on the network. We also know how to overcome all the obstacles when moving to a new voice platform such as Microsoft Teams or even integrating it with other solutions to maximize the features that it can provide.   

As you can see, Telcion is not only familiar with a variety of Microsoft Enterprise Server products, but we have dedicated resources that know how to transition clients through a variety of Microsoft products and cloud services to achieve the desired results. 

When you think about your Microsoft projects, remember, Telcion does that.  

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