SMS Texting from WebEx Calling 

SMS Texting from WebEx Calling 

Have you ever wanted to send texts from your business phone number? 

This feature has been around for a while, but most calling platforms haven’t supported it in an easy to use way. 

Two main reasons you might want to text from your business phone number:

  1. It’s much easier to type messages on your keyboard than on your phone.
  2. It’s not always ideal to share your personal phone number with business contacts.

So how do you start sending texts from your business phone?

First, you need a phone system platform that supports it. We use Cisco WebEx Calling, a cloud-based platform that replaces your existing on-premise system. But just because a platform is cloud-based doesn’t automatically mean that it supports SMS texting. The feature is largely dependent on your carrier, and most carriers don’t directly support your cloud calling provider.

This is where Tango Networks comes in. They have a cloud-based texting API that hooks into WebEx Calling. More importantly, they let you peel off the SMS texting feature from your existing carrier and port that to their system strictly for SMS texting purposes.

What does this mean exactly?

This means that you can assign your business phone number to your WebEx Calling app, and then send and receive messages from the app to any 3rd party SMS number. You send these messages just as easily as you do with any internal users within the app.

You may find that not everyone in your company needs texting capability.  If, for example, just your service and sales people need to be able to text, you can port their numbers to this service to enable the feature.  

The key component to all of this is that it is possible to port the SMS texting feature of your business phone number to a different carrier. We tend to think that when our phone number exists with a specific carrier, all the features of that number are also associated to the limits of that carrier. But that's not the case.    

If you're already using Webex Calling, we recommend exploring the texting capability that Tango Networks brings to the service.   

For more information, contact us and we can show you how to get this done.  

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