3 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Contact Center

3 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Contact Center

A common misconception about moving to a cloud contact center is that it can't be done until the entire phone system moves to the cloud, but that’s simply not true. If anything, your contact center should move to the cloud before the rest of your phone system.

If your calling environment includes a contact center, it’s time to consider moving it to the cloud. There are so many benefits that it’s nearly impossible to find a reason to not make the move.

Here are three primary reasons to switch from an on-premise contact center to a cloud contact center, like WebEx Cloud Contact Center: 

1. Get access to advanced features at a fraction of the cost

With on-premise contact center solutions, more features equals more servers, storage, and virtual machines. If you have fewer than 50 agents, the infrastructure requirement can be very expensive.

But with a cloud-based contact center, you get access to all of the advanced features—things like call recording, call analytics, high availability, email and chat interactions, and advanced reporting and dashboards—without all of the equipment.

2. Allow your agents to take calls from anywhere

As we’ve all seen during this coronavirus pandemic, the ability to enable employees to work from home has been a crucial element in both keeping people safe and continuing to serve customers.

With a cloud-based contact center, your agents can move offsite in an instant. All they need is a computer with a web browser and they can log in and begin taking calls. It’s super easy—no VPN required, no hardware or physical phone.

As we move forward, most call centers want to have some agents working from home. This type of system easily integrates the two environments without losing any advanced features.

3. Quickly scale volume if you experience a surge in call traffic

Many of our clients have experienced sudden increases in call volume over the last year, creating longer wait times and, in many cases, busy signals as the inbound trunk fills up and can no longer take calls.

Moving to a cloud-based platform lets you quickly add more call paths to increase the number of calls that can be received. With that comes the need to increase the number of available agents as well, and a cloud solution lets you quickly add people to your organization, even if just on a temporary basis. (On-premise systems usually can’t scale this fast due to hardware or software issues.)

Make the Switch in No Time

While typical on-premise contact centers take a couple of months to deploy, you can spin up WebEx Cloud Contact Center in as little as 5 days.

With the cloud, you can pivot your business in a hurry if you need to.

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