22 Aug

7 Key Considerations for Modernizing Unified Communications


Today’s constantly evolving digital marketplace requires that organizations across industries regularly evaluate their technology infrastructures. Upgrading unified communications (UC) tools to support increased mobility, cross-functional collaboration and an innovative customer experience is a necessary part of business planning. Outdated systems can limit an organization’s agility and ability to offer best-in-class solutions and services.

While keeping pace is vital to maintaining a competitive edge, unified communication modernization doesn’t have to happen overnight. Incremental steps can be taken over a period of time, ensuring that proper planning, resources, and support are in place to ensure successful implementation.

Key Steps to Ensure Success

Achieving successful unified communication system changes first requires proper planning and evaluation, taking such key steps as:

  1. Examining existing technology, infrastructure, and corporate culture to define technical requirements and project scope. Understanding the limitations and opportunities of existing UC infrastructure and technical resources informs where changes and investment must occur.
  1. Defining achievable goals and budgets informed by current system gaps and opportunities and bolstered by realistic, incremental goals and timelines and appropriate resources to ensure success.
  1. Securing top-to-bottom business buy-in, ensuring users and line of business managers identify specific needs and help develop the ideal unified communication experience to suit their priorities.
  1. Providing proper training and support to facilitate ease-of-use and seamless adoption of new unified communication solutions across teams.
  1. Delivering innovative mobile experiences for workers, customers, and other collaborators, no matter the device, location, or time.
  1. Eliminating outdated technologies and implementing cost-effective UC solutions to make the most of IT budgets.
  1. Partnering with a reputable UC vendor with marketplace longevity and industry-leading solutions to support your organization throughout the modernization process, reducing the risk of failure or costly missteps and ensuring the right systems are put in place to help you achieve your goals.

A Reliable Business Grade UC System

Telcion offers a business grade unified communications system backed by Cisco Systems’ leading Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony communications and IT technologies. Our reliable, feature rich system includes such solutions as:

  • Single Number Reach that enables a phone system to simultaneously send calls to a mobile phone, and facilitates a single voicemail box
  • Unified Messaging that sends voicemails to an email account, allowing retrieval and playback from a smartphone
  • Mobility through an app that connects a smartphone to a phone system via Wi-Fi, enabling the smartphone to be used in conjunction with a desktop phone, or as a desktop phone.
  • Softphone that sets up a computer or laptop as a phone, an ideal solution for roaming users
  • Virtual user connections that set up a desktop phone as an extension at a remote user’s location through Internet connectivity.
  • Collaboration with outside users and clients through interoperability solutions that enable you to see an individual’s presence status, share documents, communicate through IM, initiate collaboration sessions, and more.

Have you upgraded your unified communications in order to keep up with the evolving marketplace? Contact us today to discover how Telcion’s industry-leading voice, video and data center technologies can help your organization achieve higher productivity and cost savings.

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