12 Feb

Saving You Money with ComAudit

One of my favorite value-added services comes from one of our partners, ComAudit.

They specialize in evaluating existing phone services and finding ways to cut costs or change services to save money.  We have found that having an audit performed on the telecom and mobile services of a company will very likely result in monthly cost savings.

My favorite part is there is no risk to our clients.  ComAudit doesn’t charge anything if they don’t find something.  If they do find something, their fee is linked to the savings found, so there are no out-of-pocket costs to have the services provided.

We’ve had several clients participate in an audit revealing thousands of dollars in monthly savings.  One client saved nearly $200,000 in one year.  ComAudit has been performing these services for many years and is an expert at evaluating phone bills and finding contract errors that yield savings.  In many cases they can go back to the carrier and demand refunds for several years prior.

There is nothing to lose and much to gain by having this service performed.  I highly recommend ComAudit and I would encourage you to give this serious consideration for your organization.

Check out their website at www.comaudit.com.

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