08 May

The Beauty of Jabber

I am VP of Finance for Telcion Communications, which means I am the least technologically savvy person that works at Telcion, I believe.  Numbers are my strong point, not computer programs.  However, the Cisco Jabber application is a great tool that is easy to use, even for me.  I am able to work from home a few days a week, which is a beautiful benefit.  However, that would normally mean that I am not in the office to see people or help my assistant with something she is working on.
With Jabber it is as if I am working right in the office.  From the ease of my home office I can see who is online, who is in a meeting, who is on the phone and who is currently in a WebEx meeting.  What does this mean for me?  Even though I am working several miles away, I know when I can call someone and not interrupt another phone call.  If I send someone an email and they are in a meeting, I know why they haven’t answered me.   I can send instant messages to anyone, just as if I was walking right into their office.   In addition, when my assistant needs me to look at her computer screen to give her some direction, with the press of a button she can share her screen and we can work on the issue as if I was standing right next to her.  If the task is too difficult to simply explain, she can actually give me control of her mouse and I can show her exactly what I mean from the comfort of my own home office. The Cisco Jabber application is extremely user-friendly, even for a non-technology type person like me.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more or to see how Jabber can benefit you.

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