02 Jul

Single Number Reach on Steroids

For many of our customers, they have been able to take advantage of “single number reach” by implementing one of our Cisco IP Telephony solutions. I’ve blogged about this amazing productivity feature in the past. For the new reader, “single number reach” is the ability to link other devices to your phone system, such that if someone calls you, not only does your desktop phone ring, but so does your cell phone (or any other device you configure). This is a productivity gain in that all you have to do is provide someone with one phone number and they can reach you no matter what device you are using.

There was only one “chink in the armor” in this solution, as I have been using it for years. Here is the situation: Let’s say that a customer called my “single number reach” number and I’m unable to get to the call while out on the road (with a cell phone). In that case, the solution works as it should and the customer only had to call ONE number and they were able to leave a message. I can retrieve the voicemail using my smartphone with minimal effort. Now I want to call the customer back…this means I use my cell phone to dial back to the customer. The customer now sees my cell phone number, instead of my “single number reach” number that I would prefer that they use (so they can reach all my devices). The customer may end up putting that phone number in as my contact phone number… or they might just re-dial the missed call. Now I have a situation where calls are no longer going to my “single number reach” number and instead going to a cell phone number.

Cisco’s Jabber for your smartphone solves this issue. With this software on your Android or iPhone, you can now place and receive calls with your cell phone fully integrated into the IP Telephony solution. Whether connected via wireless or cellular network, calls I place will show my caller ID that matches my “single number reach” number, meaning no more broadcasting my cell phone number when I place calls. Not only that, but I can also use instant messaging, view voicemails visually and other functions typically available with a softphone through the application.

If you are interested in how your company might benefit from this feature (and a multitude of others), don’t hesitate to contact me at drodrigues@telcion.com or via “single number reach” at 209-656-5740.

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