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Transforming K-12 Classrooms through Cloud Networking Technology

Today, K-12 classrooms continue to transform into blended learning environments utilizing the latest technology. Schools of all sizes are improving student learning with unified communications, reliable wired connections, always-on wireless coverage, and more. Collaborative, intuitive, and accessible IT solutions are meeting both teachers’ and students’ on-demand digital needs.

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20 Sep

Data Breaches: An Ongoing Epidemic for the Healthcare Industry

July 2018 marked the worst month of data breaches for the healthcare industry, impacting more than two million patients and health plan members. In the first half of 2018, breaches exposed the protected health information of more than 6 million individuals, exceeding the number of exposures in all of 2017 by nearly 1 million. While data security is not a new issue to the healthcare industry, the rise of breaches year-to-year marks a significant problem—and one that is only predicted to grow.

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Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway

Security used to be focused on keeping everything contained within a physical structure to protect an organization’s network perimeter – critical infrastructure, servers, applications, data and people. Today, 49% of the workforce has gone mobile and nearly 70% are conducting business via SaaS applications.  Organizations are struggling to protect their network in this new working standard. According to our partners at Cisco, most organizations rely heavily on virtual private network (VPN) usage, but 82 percent of mobile workers admit that they don’t always use the organizations VPN.

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29 Jun

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