09 Nov

6 Reasons to Choose Cisco for Your Industrial Networking Needs

Digital, automated IIoT solutions are quickly transforming manufacturing across industries. Seamless connectivity and tight integration between enterprise and plant floor production, industrial wireless, security, unified communications, real-time data collection and analysis, and more is placing increased demand on legacy industrial networks. Partnering with a leading provider of proven, intuitive industrial network solutions and easy-to-use management tools can help today’s manufacturers harness the power of new technologies that are enabling greater connectivity, information sharing, and smart manufacturing than ever before.

Why Choose Cisco?

  1. Create a Best-in-Class Networking Foundation: As manufacturers continue to update operations with industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and analytics solutions, they need a best-in-class networking foundation to ensure successful adoption of new technologies. Cisco’s connected factory solutions connect business systems with automation and control, creating an end-to-end network architecture that boosts performance with a secure industrial network backbone.
  1. Overcome Industrial Wireless Challenges: Flexible, secure plantwide communications solutions that connect things, machines, databases, and people on the plant floor can create a unified, easy-to-manage industrial-wireless network that simultaneously cuts costs while increasing productivity and output. Cisco securely and strategically combines wireless with cabled network technology solutions that offer robust scalability, helping to reduce operational costs, boost factory mobility and facilitate real-time decisions.
  1. Achieve Ironclad Security: Manufacturers today have to pay attention to security as cyberattacks increasingly target all facets of plants and operations, risking physical damage, facility downtime, and costly breaches of customer data and intellectual property. Cisco provides organizations with converged-access security products, technologies, and services to protect intellectual property, plant assets, and production integrity, establishing defense-in-depth security.
  1. Unite IT and Operations: Digital solutions that seamlessly converge IT and OT facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between two formerly separate departments, optimizing organizational profitability, security, and operational efficiency. As a leader in enterprise and industrial networking, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help unite IT and operations—providing state-of-the-art technologies that facilitate the capture, analysis, and sharing of real-time manufacturing data, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, unified security, and more.
  1. Benefit from In-Depth Support: Premier consulting and technical support ecosystems help organizations reap the benefits of technical investments more quickly. Cisco’s services teams help organizations take full advantage of the latest connected solutions, enabling you to better anticipate industry changes, implement technology, secure your factories, and reduce risk.
  1. Leverage an Ecosystem of Industrial Partners: Access to a wide array of industrial partners offering comprehensive manufacturing-focused solutions that serve a variety of business outcomes is an important aspect of successful transformation to the digital factory. Cisco connects manufacturers to a large network of industry leading software providers, systems integrators, industry technology vendors, and more, providing access to the best of the best when it comes to industrial networking plans, solutions and support.

Telcion understands the importance of comprehensive, trusted architecture solutions that fortify your competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment. Contact us today to learn more about Cisco’s innovative industrial networking tools and technologies that can help boost profitability, efficiency, and security from your C-Suite to the factory floor.



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