18 Dec

Cisco Umbrella: Amplifying Organizations Existing Security Measures

Not all cloud security solutions are created equal. Companies now more than ever need a solution that meets the needs of today’s mobile, cloud- connected workforce and is easy to manage on a day-to-day basis. Did you know the average company uses more than 50 security vendors and still find their stack coming up short when it comes to securing users anywhere they access the internet?  Telcion and Cisco have the solution, Cisco Umbrella.

Here are six ways Cisco Umbrella amplifies organizations existing investments and extends security off-network, anywhere users go.

  1. Open APIs – Cisco Umbrella easily integrates with the other systems in a company’s stack, so extending protection from on-premises security appliances to devices and sites beyond their perimeter is seamless
  2. Portfolio Integrations – Chances are, there’s a Cisco solution or two in a company’s stack already. Cisco’s massive portfolio integrations extend protection beyond the perimeter and help enforce policies and compliance, as well as protect and control cloud apps
  3. Reduced Alerts – Cisco Umbrella provides more context and can help IT teams make faster, more informed decisions when they need to respond to critical incidents
  4. Guest Wi-Fi Protection– Built into the foundation of the internet, Cisco Umbrella extends protection to guests by enforcing network security and content filtering at the DNS layer. Whether organizations want to secure a few hotspots or tens of thousands, protect them all in minutes by pointing all DNS traffic to the global Umbrella network
  5. Speed – Cisco Umbrella peers with more than 700 of the top internet service providers and content delivery networks to shorten the routes between every network in the world and Cisco’s data centers — making companies internet access even faster
  6. Resiliency – With a single IP address spread across global data center locations, companies get a more resilient system: a comprehensive, self-healing network that can handle infrastructure disruptions — natural disasters, equipment failure, or maintenance

Telcion knows that today’s organizations must achieve enterprise security through effective defenses. Contact us today to learn about how we can help your organization work smarter, maximize resources and stay secure.

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