Telcion Communications Group

Founded in 2002, Telcion Communications Group sells communication and IT solutions to businesses and organizations in California’s Central Valley and Bay Area regions with the mission to embrace the latest technology and inspire our customers so they can reap the benefits.

  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • What We Believe
  • A converged networking company specializing in solutions by Cisco Systems, as well as VMWare and Nimble Storage
  • A team of highly qualified engineers and support professionals
  • A private employer, established in 2002, based in the heart of California’s Central Valley
  • Design, install, and support all aspects of a communications system, from physical cabling to security, from data to dial tone, from video to VPN
  • Help our clients achieve higher productivity and cost savings
  • Focus on superior service over the longest possible term
  • Forge partnerships with our technology partners and clients alike
  • We believe communication defines every business, non-profit, and government entity.  Good internal communication facilitates teamwork; good external communication is the cornerstone of superior service.
  • We believe our technology partnerships with Cisco, VMWare, and Nimble Storage form the bedrock of our business.  Their product lines give the broadest possible range of communications options, from simple to complex, focused to robust.
  • We believe we are successful when our client’s operations improve and they become more effective at what they do.
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