01 Jun

Increased Data Demand & The Growing Need for Structured Cabling

As increased demand for mobile Internet with high-speed connectivity and lightening data download speeds continues to rise, the need for advanced cabling infrastructure is becoming greater. For a variety of industries, structured cabling presents an affordable, reliable solution that can help protect sensitive customer data, facilitate quick and easy system adds and changes, and ensure long-term system usability. Organizations that fail to adopt new system technologies risk losing customers due to slow data transfer speeds, financial losses caused by maintenance delays, and system performance lags caused by outdated, unorganized systems.

Bottom-Line Benefits of Structured Cabling

Industries that rely on the Internet are reaping the benefits of structured cabling. From Internet providers, to corporations, to government, industrial IT and communications providers, as well as residential and commercial users, structured cabling grants access to vast amounts of IoT data. In addition, the benefits of structured cabling include:

  • Superior network manageability and predictability – Structured cabling systems make cable and port tracing much easier, organizing your system from a tangled mess to a clean line of ports and switches that is less likely to need repair.
  • Improved flexibility and quicker MACs (moves, adds and changes) – The structure of hardware ports, patch panels and trunks with structured cabling allows for easy MACs. Short length patch cords in the main distribution area (MDA) eradicate the need to run long patch cords from various equipment parts and racks as with the traditional “point to point” systems. This ensures quick installs of any future network requirements and reduces change errors.
  • Enhanced cost effectiveness – Construction and/or redesign costs of structured cabling can be reduced by up to 30% by integrating cabling and delivery methods. What’s more, reduced downtime in light of lags or maintenance ensures maximum availability of your IT systems, protecting your bottom line.

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