Professional Services

Every professional needs high-performing, reliable technology

Engineering firms, certified public accountants, law firms, and other professional services providers have unique IT challenges because they need to work so tightly with their clients. This means there is a need to both keep data secure but also quickly and easily share that data with the right people.

Professional service firms face a number of challenges:

  • Collaboration – You need to be a partner to your clients, but you probably can’t meet them face to face as often as you would like. Video collaboration solutions can help you close the distance to collaborate effectively and build strong relationships.
  • Data security – Because your firm plays such an important role in the operations of your clients, you likely hold onto a lot of extremely sensitive client data, in addition to your own proprietary data. All of it needs to remain secure.
  • Data transfers – Remote collaboration requires the ability to quickly and reliably share large files. You need to be able to share files with your clients without hesitation about size or speed.

But above all, your solutions need to present a professional image to your clients while being easy for you to install, use, and maintain. Telcion has experience working with professional service firms to help them identify their IT needs and implement the right solutions for their businesses. To start a conversation and learn how we can help your firm, fill out a contact form or call us at 866-934-1972.

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