Regional Government

Powerful IT solutions for government agencies

Technology moves fast, so it helps to work with a partner who can keep you up to speed. Telcion has experience working with regional governments, specializing in county government and smaller. We understand your need to have robust and stable IT and communication solutions in place, in light of budgets that can come and go with every election cycle.

We have experience helping governments tackle their IT challenges for:

  • Law enforcement operations (Jails, 911, etc),
  • Health services and child protection agencies,
  • Police and sheriff departments, and
  • Utility and water districts

You have varied needs, and we have the expertise needed to help you make the right purchasing decisions to tackle your most pressing issues, such as

  • High availability – Large amounts of traffic created by a diverse group of agencies that have a need to cooperate and collaborate on a regular basis need bandwidth availability 24/7 to serve and protect the community.
  • Security breaches – The data and network infrastructure of regional government agencies need to remain secure and out of harm’s way, more so than any business, to ensure services are maintained and community order remains intact.
  • Disaster recovery – Be it a security breach or some unforeseen incident causing disruption in the infrastructure, getting your network back online with all systems and communication recovered and secure again is essential to running governmental operations.

Don’t go it alone. Telcion will walk you through the buying process to make sure you end up with solutions that will fit your short- and long-term needs. To get started, fill out a contact form or call us at 866-934-1972.

Our Regional Government Clients