20 Sep

Data Breaches: An Ongoing Epidemic for the Healthcare Industry

July 2018 marked the worst month of data breaches for the healthcare industry, impacting more than two million patients and health plan members. In the first half of 2018, breaches exposed the protected health information of more than 6 million individuals, exceeding the number of exposures in all of 2017 by nearly 1 million. While data security is not a new issue to the healthcare industry, the rise of breaches year-to-year marks a significant problem—and one that is only predicted to grow.

Data Breaches: A Epidemic in the Healthcare Industry

As more and more portable IoMT devices are rapidly adopted by the healthcare industry, connecting users to sensitive records and information, the need for consistent, smarter data security intensifies. Legacy approaches to data protection and security can no longer stand up to today’s sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks that target every connected device.

The best prevention strategy is a seamless architectural approach to IT security, coupled with an offensive enterprise security plan that aligns with and advances overarching business initiatives. Top-down buy-in of key players and departments establishes a holistic approach that places the responsibility of security in the hands of every department and employee. Tying security to overall business goals and operations helps to validate the need for new initiatives and the allocation of appropriate budgets to support advanced technologies and solutions.

A majority of malware uses DNS for command and control callbacks to exfiltrate data or redirect web traffic. Today’s leading security architecture solutions leverage layered protection that extends from the DNS to email, network, and endpoints, protecting any device that joins a network. Cisco Umbrella is such a solution, helping organizations:

  • Predict ransomware threats before they happen
  • Learn where ransomwhere attacks are being staged
  • Block access to known cryptomining pools and avert emerging cryptojacking malware
  • Prevent ransomware from reaching the perimeter
  • Provide a critical layer of PHI/PII breach protection
  • Protect data and enforce compliance by pairing with Cisco Cloudlock, a cloud access security broker that tracks how PHI data is shared

Total visibility is vital to protecting your network and your data—from the endpoint to the network, to the cloud and across users, devices, vulnerabilities, applications, files, and virtual environments. Without this level of visibility, organizations can’t effectively segment networks or enforce access policies.

Early Detection and Prevention is Key

Healthcare organizations constituted 45% of all ransomware attacks in 2017. Organizations that don’t take this threat seriously risk facing serious penalties and even millions of dollars in fines. Early detection and prevention of threats is key, stopping malware over all ports and protocols before it reaches your endpoints or network; routing requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection; and preventing connections to attacker’s servers. As the industry’s first secure Internet gateway in the cloud, Cisco Umbrella bolsters your defenses, protecting against today’s advanced threats.

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