10 Jul

Ready for a better way to combat ransomware and other cybercrime?

Relying on policing employees to prevent ransomware and other cybercrime attacks appears to be a never-ending crisis for businesses today. Today, employees are ignoring basic protocols, like password protection tools and using work computers and mobile phones for personal use.

600 individuals in companies—many with a headcount of less than 100—participated in Cisco’s recent survey on cybersecurity.

Findings from the survey include:

  • $2,235,018 per year is the average amount spent in the aftermath of a cyber attack or data breach (up from $1,835,011)
  • 9,350 is the average number of records compromised in a data breach (up from 5,079)
  • 61% say their business was a victim of a cyber attack (up from 55%)
  • 54% say a negligent employee or contractor was the root cause of their data breaches (up from 48%)
  • And ransomware has increased from 2% to 52% over a 12 month period

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