26 Jul

Redefine Traditional Switching with Cisco Meraki Switches!

Cisco Meraki switches are redefining the traditional functions of switching by delivering fast, dependable performance to organizations large and small. Meraki switches are managed via the cloud, making configuration seamless and easy for all deployment locations.

Here are four ways Meraki Switches deliver the best technology:


Cisco Meraki switches are configured through the cloud, ensuring management of the switches isn’t labor intensive. Things like bulk configuration changes, software updates, and troubleshooting can all be done seamlessly through a single dashboard.

Remote Live Tools

Meraki switches include a range of management features designed to keep an Ethernet network running smoothly and helping to avoid costly site visits.

Voice Optimization

Even with all the channels of communication available to us today, the telephone remains critical to businesses. Cisco Meraki switches include all the features needed to quickly deploy business-grade voice over IP technology in next to no time.

Enterprise Security

A wired network is the central nervous system of every organization. Cisco Meraki switches employ several security features to lock down ports and communications across the network.


Our security experts are ready to show you how Cisco switches can bolster your defenses. Contact us to learn how Telcion can help your organization work smarter, maximize resources, and stay secure.


Source: https://meraki.cisco.com/technologies/

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