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Hackers are relentless.

You want to protect your network from security breaches, but hackers are relentless in their efforts to compromise your systems. Truth is — keeping up with their malicious attempts is a full-time job.

At Telcion, we know you want to use your technology know-how to help your business thrive, not to play cyber police. That’s why our dedicated, certified security consultants work around the clock for you, to stay ahead of hackers and keep your network secure.

You shouldn’t have to police intruders on your own.
Let’s check for gaps in your security plan.

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Our 90-minute security assessment is 100% complimentary and gauges how your security
measures compare with hundreds of companies like yours across the nation. We’ll also uncover
potential threats and explore different remedies.

Here’s how it works:


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It will take just about 90 minutes to review your network and gauge your company’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

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Next, we’ll provide your score in six critical areas, along with an action plan for each, to improve your overall security posture.

What the assessment includes


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With a comprehensive analysis of your network, you’ll have the information you need to move forward with confidence.

We’ll recommend solutions to security gaps we find, but don’t worry —
you’ll never feel pressured to partner with us.

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Here’s what we’ll cover.

Your security assessment identifies urgent and non-urgent issues in these areas:


Application & Web Security

Next, we’ll provide your score in six critical areas, along with an action plan for each, to improve your overall security posture.


Data Security

We’ll check if your data is encrypted to protect it from an attacker, even if they do manage to gain access.


Fraud Protection

We’ll confirm that your consumer data, like credit cards and bank accounts, are behind maximum security.


Infrastructure Security

We’ll ensure that your network devices used to transmit data are secure and not exposed to attackers.


Identity & Access

We’ll assess how easily users (and imposters) can access applications and data before being properly identified.


Security Intelligence

We’ll predict how quickly your business or organization would be able to react to a security invasion.

Understand where you’re vulnerable & get a plan to fix it.

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Which company you choose matters a lot.

Beyond having deep visibility into threats across your network, here’s what makes our team uniquely qualified to assess and protect your infrastructure, your data, and your users:


Our certified security consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience.


We help neutralize thousands of threats each day for hundreds of companies with the specialized tools we deploy and use.


We use Cisco-engineered products that are backed by 6+ billion dollars worth of research per year.

Let’s start by taking a no-risk look at your network.

We believe your security ought
to be stacked.

Schedule a call to talk directly to our team. In the meantime, get a glimpse at our layered approach to security in a short video series with our CEO, Lance Reid.

Understand the what, why, and how much of each layer of security we recommend.

Get ahead of the hackers.

Security threats change by the minute and addressing them can be both costly and complex. We help you identify and fix minor issues before they become company-altering liabilities.

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