Server/Data Center Upgrade for Regional Health Agency


“SCHSA realized immediate cost savings by no longer having to spend time and money on maintaining the old servers.”

Customer Profile

Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (SCHSA) provides health care services to the community via its network of federally qualified health centers. Located in Modesto, California, the HSA is operated by Stanislaus County, serving close to 500,000 patients and community residents each year.

Key Challenges

Because of the heavy demand HIPAA requirements have put on healthcare IT infrastructures, SCHSA was at a point that it needed to upgrade its virtualization system. With several standalone servers in place, they had eight (8) aging HP units in need of replacement, with ~40-50 virtual machines in operation. They also required more performance out of the current 1Gb platform, and needed full redundancy wherever possible. All this needed to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

Telcion Solution

Telcion recommended a Cisco® Unified Computing System to help SCHSA both replace aging servers as well as move to a 10Gb platform. This included 8 server blades and two (2) Cisco 3850 layer 3 core switches with redundant power supplies, with uplinks to connect to their existing Dell® Equilogic SAN. Telcion installed and configured the new UCS system to work seamlessly with the existing network and support VLANs.

Within several days of implementation, SCHSA was able to quickly and painlessly migrate all of their virtual machines, using VMWare®’s vMotion, from the old HP servers to the new UCS system.


SCHSA realized immediate cost savings by no longer having to spend time and money on maintaining the old servers. By installing new blade servers, they were able to consolidate their platform footprint, resulting in more cost savings in energy bills, with the added bonus of giving them headroom for future expansion.

Overall system performance improved instantly by upgrading to the 10Gb fabric. The entire solution cost turned out to be the same as 1Gb Dell solution, but at 10Gb with a much richer set of features.