Monitoring & Management

We’ll keep a watchful eye over your IT, around the clock

Introducing Telcion Monitoring Services (TMS)

Telcion has a proactive monitoring service that helps our clients stay one step ahead with the networks they manage. Our Telcion Monitoring Service (TMS) offers two valuable components: alarm notification and dashboard.

The alerting component provides notification based on specific thresholds or loss of connectivity to specific devices. This is especially useful for critical devices or circuits that need immediate resolution when there is a problem, and allows you to be proactive in your response instead of waiting for users to notify you of a problem.

The TMS dashboard is an excellent way to see what is going on at a glance. Many people within your company can have access to the dashboard with their own account, and create a custom dashboard with the charts they want to see.

Telcion Monitoring Service provides value to you in a number of ways. With TMS, you can:

  • Get notified when a device fails or a circuit goes down
  • Track the utilization of a PRI or data circuit on a chart
  • Get notified when the temperature in the data center rises above a certain threshold
  • Monitor thresholds for server memory, disk space, and CPU
  • Get notified when an external web server application is unreachable or not behaving properly
  • Track your carrier service level agreement against actual results