Our structured cabling team can support your company’s critical operations

Structured cabling is the bedrock of modern information networks. They will typically outlive all other networking components and only require minimal upgrades.

Startlingly, construction and/or redesign costs can be reduced by up to 30% by integrating cabling and delivery methods. Network convergence and unified communications eliminate the need for multiple types of cabling as well as independent voice and data networks.  Our clients usually achieve their greatest returns with voice & data convergence and project scopes that are building-wide or campus-wide.

Telcion is Panduit/General Cable (PanGen) certified and can provide a 25-year warranty upon completion of a project.

We deploy the broadest-possible spectrum of structured cabling standards, including:

Fiber-Optic Cabling

  • Single Mode and Multimode (OM1, OM3, and OM4)
  • Backbone connections, Outside Plant, and Data Center
  • Splicing (Fusion and Mechanical)
  • End Terminations, including ST/SC/LC (Anaerobic, Mechanical, and Fusion)

Copper Cabling

  • Cat 3, Cat 5 (Cat 5e), Cat 6, & Cat6a (10G)
  • Coaxial CCTV/CATV
  • Outside Plant (aerial and underground)
  • Copper Backbone/Feed
  • Copper Splicing
  • P.A. Public Address/Paging

Telecommunications Rooms and Data Centers

  • Installation of network racks and cabinets
  • Runway infrastructure
  • Entrance Protection; Grounding and Bonding
  • Cable Management—Support
  • Copper Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Splicing (Fusion)
  • Inner Duct Installation
  • Fire Stopping and Penetrations

Wireless Network Infrastructure

  • Wireless Survey – Passive and Active
  • Installation of Wireless Access Points (Indoor and Outdoor, and Point-to-Point)

Specialized Services

  • Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Cabling Remediation and Cleanup
  • ISP Extension and Troubleshooting

Our Installations include:

  • ANSI/TIA/EIA Compliant Testing and Labeling
  • As Build Drawings Featuring CAD/PDF
  • Project Doc
  • Bonding and Certification Payroll
  • Warranty (PanGen 25 years)

Telcion offers the following additional services:

  • Site surveys
  • Consulting, including Request for Proposal and Request for Quote preparation, evaluation, and compliance

Telcion holds C-7 Contractors License #909973

For more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss further,  contact us at cabling@telcion.com.

For more information, see our blog on cabling.

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