Collaboration & Calling

Empower your teams to engage and innovate anywhere, on any device

Collaboration Solutions

For growing businesses with limited resources, effective collaboration can be complicated. Simplify it with our range of right-sized, right-priced collaboration solutions. Improve employee engagement, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation and growth.

Video Solutions

Telcion’s Video Solution places people at the center of the collaboration experience. It empowers them to work together in new ways to transform business, accelerate innovation, and do more with less. It’s next-generation interaction, where everyone, everywhere can be face to face and more effective at what they do.

Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration involves many people in many different places. With Telcion’s Collaboration & Video Solutions, you can work across multiple platforms and devices with instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces — on premises or in the cloud.

Cisco Specialization

Having met Cisco’s strict requirements and training, Telcion has been granted a Cisco Advanced Unified Computing Technology specialization, and has a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) in Data Center on staff.

Benefits of Telcion’s Collaboration & Video Solutions include:

Cost savings

Our solutions are hosted in the cloud, so there’s no need to purchase expensive on-site equipment or pay for maintenance.

Better collaboration

Set up audio and video conferences, make and receive calls, share files, and more — from virtually anywhere at any time.

Enhanced productivity

We use a state-of-the-art data center that provides more reliability and uptime, which means more productivity from your staff.

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