Keep your business running smoothly 24/7.

Ensure your systems stay online with expert help on standby, always.

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Don’t let your business
grind to a halt.

Insane amounts of time, money, and customer trust can go down the tubes when critical infrastructure malfunctions. It's a nightmare to be left vulnerable without the resources to fix the problem fast.

At Telcion, we understand the crucial importance of keeping your business running smoothly. It's why our team of specialists constantly monitor your systems to prevent problems, and if things do go sideways, we are ready to deploy with lightning speed.

Managed services for every need.

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We support all things IT.

We design, install, and maintain these specialities and many more —






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Stay out of the dark and in the know.

Telcion Monitoring Service (TMS) is a custom-developed software tool for proactively identifying, predicting & addressing any issues in our clients' environments.

Check your customized dashboard to see at a glance if your systems are functioning properly. Don't worry if you forget we're obsessively watching them for you.

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It’s hard to know who to trust.

We get it. Hiring an outside company can be nerve-wracking.

Rest assured that, for nearly two decades, Telcion has designed, installed, and supported every aspect of infrastructure and applications to help our clients save time, work smarter, and stay ahead of their competition.


Specialists in every IT-related field.

Our expertise runs deep, across the board.


100+ years of combined experience.

We have thousands of successful projects under our belt.


Long-standing client relationships.

Over 90% of the companies we work with renew their managed service agreements each year.

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Customized packages
tailored to your company.

It’s easy to get started:


1. Strategize

We start with a call to answer your questions, assess the support you need, and listen to your concerns.


2. Solve

Next, we'll propose a custom plan that covers what makes sense for you, from everyday fixes to complex systems.


3. Support

From there, our specialized team proactively prevents problems and responds speedily to emergencies.

Say goodbye to costly downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of IT vendors provide managed services support to clients. Where we differ is that we are highly specialized in Cisco solutions. These are what our company is focused on and what all of our engineers are trained in. Because of our expertise with Cisco technologies, we don't suffer from the “jack of all trades, master of none" problems that most IT vendors do. We also have a long history in providing emergency support for our clients. We will drop everything and do anything to help our clients bounce back from an outage, day or night.

Our goal is to make it more convenient and less expensive to have a managed services agreement than to hire and train your own staff. Most often, our clients have two major issues: keeping the talent on their staff and keeping that staff trained to handle all the aspects of the technology deployed. At Telcion, we have at least 3 people trained in every technology we support. Our people are well-paid and well-trained with multi-year tenures within the company. You can count on them to know your environment and be available when you need them most.

No problem. It is not unusual for a company to only want support for a particular technology area. We typically break technologies up into key areas and then provide support packages for each and bundled pricing for more than one. These areas include: networking, wireless, voice, security, and data center.

The average contract is 3 years. However, don’t let this scare you. We often start new clients off with much shorter contracts so they can get used to our services and begin to trust us in our ability to provide the reliable support they need.


Get expert back-up and set your mind at ease.

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