09 Nov

Today’s Most Comprehensive Enterprise Security Solution: Cisco Umbrella

As more and more corporate data traffic comes from roaming users, off-network devices and cloud apps bypassing network perimeters, the risk of malware, ransomware, and other attacks rises significantly. Organizations that rely on perimeter security alone are not fully protected, lacking visibility and protection across their network and endpoints. Comprehensive, predictive network security for today’s MSPs, channel partners, and service providers is nonnegotiable as a first line of defense against threats.


Fast, Dependable Network Security – Cisco Umbrella is an easy-to-manage, proven, cloud-based network security solution offering comprehensive, predictive security to protect your business, your assets and your bottom line in the face of evolving threats. Key benefits include:


Instant Deployability – Most network security products have a complex deployment process that can take as long as twelve months (or more) to fully launch. Delivered from the cloud, Cisco Umbrella eliminates the need for time-consuming hardware installs, manual software updates or maintenance. Once a DNS is connected to the Umbrella global network, all users are protected within minutes, no matter their device or location.


100% Reliability – While many vendors claim “99.999%” network uptime, the fine print often reveals that this metric is in fact not guaranteed over the entire life of service. With 25 data centers, 500+ partnerships with top SPs and CDNs, and true 100% uptime, Cisco Umbrella adds security without latency. The Cisco Umbrella global network is built on a foundation of trust established with over 90 million daily active Internet users around the world that rely on our recursive, reliable DNS services for network connectivity.


Predictive Intelligence = Prevention – Conventional after-the-fact technologies such as firewalls, signature-based malware detection, reputation systems, and blacklists cannot effectively prevent today’s sophisticated attacks. DNS-based defenses detect and neutralize attacks far earlier and more effectively than other security technologies. Cisco Umbrella analyzes and learns from Internet activity patters to proactively uncover infrastructure staged for attacks and block requests to malicious destinations before a connection is established. Cisco Umbrella uses advanced statistical models based on substantive data inputs that inform predictive enterprise security and provide complete visibility into Internet activity across all locations, devices, and users. With Umbrella, organizations can stop phishing and malware attacks or infections, identifying infected devices, preventing data exfiltration and blocking threats before they reach the network or endpoints.


Complete, Unified Protection – Buying point products that must be integrated into your existing network from a variety of different vendors can leave coverage gaps, failing to truly secure your network. Cisco Umbrella offers protection for all endpoints, branches, users, apps, and data in the cloud—on- and off-network—with no additional hardware, agents or end-user interaction. Umbrella integrates with your existing security stack including security appliances, intelligence platforms, and cloud access security broker (CASB) controls. Umbrella can push log data about Internet activity to your SIEM or log management systems, and use our enforcement API to program malicious domain blocking. This allows you to amplify existing investments, and easily extend protection everywhere.


Telcion knows that today’s organizations must achieve enterprise security through effective defenses that can be achieved within finite resource constraints. Contact us today to learn about the variety of Cisco security products that can help better protect your customers, employees, brand, and bottom line.




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