26 Sep

Transforming K-12 Classrooms through Cloud Networking Technology

Today, K-12 classrooms continue to transform into blended learning environments utilizing the latest technology. Schools of all sizes are improving student learning with unified communications, reliable wired connections, always-on wireless coverage, and more. Collaborative, intuitive, and accessible IT solutions are meeting both teachers’ and students’ on-demand digital needs.

Cisco Meraki is a leading cloud networking solution ideal for large districts and independent schools alike, providing easy to deploy, secure performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.

8 Reasons to Choose Cisco Meraki

  1. Increase Visibility and Control—Meraki’s web-based dashboard simplifies network management and speeds troubleshooting through a centrally managed system that tracks access points, switches, and security, facilitating improved enterprise mobility management. Utilize end-to-end network intelligence to quickly identify issues or slow downs to a particular device, throttle bandwidth, and make network changes.
  1. Optimize Digital Learning—With Meraki’s robust and secure network, efficient access points and switches, and continuous access to the Internet, online classroom learning can happen without a hitch. Ensure students are using the right applications and are spending less time playing games and on social media.
  1. Speed Deployment—Updating to Meraki’s network solutions can take days instead of months. Configure, monitor and manage entire networks from anywhere without the need for a command line (CLI). Begin to program core switching configurations within the cloud-based dashboard before installation, saving time and ensuring a seamless launch of the new and improved system.
  1. Fund with E-rate—All E-rate eligible US K-12 schools and libraries* can purchase a 5-year Meraki license at a significantly discounted price. Use E-rate funds to streamline and update network systems to more efficient and reliable switches, access points, and security appliances. Meraki hardware and licenses fall under the E-rate Category 2, internal connections.
  1. Trim IT—Meraki’s centralized remote management removes the need for on-site management, reducing staff costs and the need for manual troubleshooting. Log into the web-based dashboard from anywhere to easily diagnose problems, increasing network efficiency and facilitating more sophisticated insight and control.
  1. Improve Broadband and Network Scaling—Meraki is a secure, high-density network that easily handles increased traffic with a network built to scale. Throttle bandwidth hogs, block unwanted web traffic, and prioritize educational apps. Easily scale to multiple global sites via quick plug-and-play deployment, providing consistent wireless coverage and facilitating student learning from anywhere on any device.
  1. Achieve 1:1 Device Management—The Meraki dashboard provides live data on devices connected to the network, improving tracking of all school owned devices from the same cloud-based dashboard from which the entire network is managed. Remotely deploy software, content, and applications to all, or only specific student devices. Block specific applications or put devices on single-app mode, ensuring students focus on the correct lessons.
  1. Enhance Digital Equity—Meraki helps educators provide 21st century learning solutions and technology to all students, no matter which school they attend or their socioeconomic status. Help every student stay on track via reliable access to digital resources in and out of the classroom with continuous connection to a robust, flexible network.

Solutions to Revamp Your K-12 Classrooms

Handling increased technology, traffic and devices in educational settings requires a more robust, reliable, secure network. Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed technology is helping to revamp K-12 classrooms by providing access to affordable, 21st century learning solutions and networking infrastructures that support evolving student and teacher needs.

Do you need to improve network visibility and control in order to simplify troubleshooting and improve your online classroom experience? Contact Telcion today to see how Cisco Meraki can help achieve your educational technology goals.



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