Unified Computing Solution for Food Service Distributor


Customer Profile

Saladino’s Inc. is a premiere food service distributor based in the Central Valley, serving the entire state of California, parts of Nevada, and Idaho. They have been in business since 1944; today they employ about 450 staff.

Key Challenges

Saladino’s had an HP BladeSystem data center that had already gone end-of-life, and support of the products was ending December 2014. They were heavily invested in HP throughout their data center, with some equipment only being 2 years old. However, they were also invested in Cisco for their voice and network infrastructure. Familiar with both vendors and their technologies, it ultimately came down to an evaluation of the cost and performance benefits of continuing to retrofit their current data center environment with HP server blades versus expanding on their voice and network infrastructure by adding a new data center solution based on Cisco.

Telcion Solution

Telcion proposed that Saladino’s move from an HP BladeSystem data center to a new Cisco UCS solution, starting with fibre channel integration to their existing HP 3PAR SAN. Two Cisco UCS Blade Chassis would then be deployed, each with 4 B200 server blades. As part of this data center migration, the existing Cisco voice servers would be integrated into the new UCS Manager domain. A new Cisco Catalyst 4500 chassis would be installed to replace their older Catalyst chassis in the data center core. Once this is in service, the uplinks to the UCS Manager domain would then be upgraded from 1GB to 10GB connections. With the infrastructure components in place, the existing voice virtual servers can be upgraded to the latest version (10.x) of the Cisco Collaboration Systems applications.


The decision was made to go with the new data center solution Telcion proposed. In the end, Saladino’s was able to get a new state-of-the-art Cisco solution, for essentially the same cost as retrofitting the old HP system, that increased the overall data center’s processing power, manageability, and efficiency.