Voice Over IP for Regional Health Agency


“This is much easier to use than expected, and the picture quality of the video is amazing. The performance and quality of the overall solution exceeded our expectations.”

Customer Profile

Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (SCHSA) provides health care services to the community via its network of federally qualified health centers – outpatient clinics, public health services, an indigent health care program, and a family medicine residency program. Based in Modesto, the HSA is operated by Stanislaus County, serving close to 500,000 patients and community residents each year.

Telcion Vendor of Choice For VoIP For Stanislaus County

Telcion was awarded the contract to be the Stanislaus County Voice over IP vendor, supporting over 5,000 phones in the network, including SCHSA, 911 Emergency Dispatch, Community Services Agency, and Sheriff. This selection occurred after extensive evaluation period including visiting references on location, interviewing Telcion personnel, evaluating the proposed Telcion design, and verifying the ability for Telcion to meet the support needs.

Telcion Deployments: Stanislaus County

The initial project deployment for Stanislaus County included a 5 server Cisco Call Manager cluster, Cisco Unity voicemail system, and several high availability voice gateways.The dial-plan was integrated with their existing Centrex system by using a Centrex based PRI circuit to enable 5-digit dialing between systems. With the core system in place and tested, we began transitioning various agencies over to the new system. About 5 years ago, we added the Cisco Contact Center platform and created 5 different call centers with over 50 agents. And finally, three years ago we did a system-wide software upgrade. Over the course of several years, we have deployed more than 3,000 phones across more than 40 sites and continued to provide on-going support during this time frame.

Telcion Deployments: SCHSA

One of the many projects from the county contract was the deployment of 1000+ phones over 10 locations for SCHSA. This solution is based on the County’s core voice deployment that includes 5 Cisco Call Manager servers spread out geographically throughout the county in order to provide a robust high availability design. SCHSA opted for a non-Cisco call center product that was known to interoperate well with their medical software. Telcion integrated this call center platform into the Cisco voice solution for full interoperability between systems.

Annual Support Contract

The SCHSA voice deployment falls under a County-wide support contract with Telcion. Tier 1 troubleshooting is providing by local staff, Tier 2 is provided by County IT engineers, and Tier 3 issues are escalated to Telcion. This contract calls for Telcion to be available on a 24/7 basis. Our ability to provide fast response times has led the County to continue to renew the annual support agreement each year. Telcion has been providing this on-going support for more than 5 years.