Why You Need Cisco Talos

Why You Need Cisco Talos

When it comes to security technology, it’s easy to purchase many products and services that appear to check all the boxes.

But do you know what’s underneath the hood of your subscriptions?

In order for a security product to do its job, it has to be constantly up to date on the latest threats.

This means you can’t just buy a subscription to your security product and assume you’re protected. The product and service you purchase is only as good as the engine behind it. Will the features—anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, spam blocker, etc.—actually work when you need them to?

It’s important to know how the technology keeps you protected, what actually makes it work, and what keeps it updated and current. Without knowing these things, you leave your organization vulnerable to the ever-changing threat landscape.

That’s where Cisco Talos comes in.

What is Cisco Talos?

Cisco Talos is “the threat intelligence organization at the center of the Cisco Security Portfolio.

Talos encompasses seven key areas: Threat Intelligence & Interdiction, Detection Research, Engineering & Development, Vulnerability Research & Discovery, Communities, Global Outreach and Incident Response.” (source)

All Cisco security products leverage Cisco Talos for threat intelligence. This provides visibility into new and existing threats, both for preventative measures and active incidents. 

Source: https://talosintelligence.com

Why is Cisco Talos important?

What makes Cisco Talos so valuable is its ability to receive telemetry data from so many Cisco security products.

The key to security intelligence is collecting data from as many inputs as possible. Not just firewalls and intrusion prevention devices—but email, networks, cloud, web, endpoints and everything in between.

Cisco Talos has visibility from a wide range of products, customers, and geographic locations. The 1500+ people within the Talos group study all of this data and convert it into actionable security alerts and automatic policies that are then driven down to your security devices.

It’s like having your own giant team of security experts working to keep the intruders out. Behind the scenes. All day, every day.

No other vendor has an organization like this—with the breadth, talent, and diversity to make an internet-wide impact.   

When choosing security products you should consider the capabilities of the organization behind it. And with Cisco Talos you are assured that you’re receiving the best available on the planet.  

Talos translates directly into better protection for your security products. It has a comprehensive and proactive approach to protecting your network. All of this is included when you buy Cisco security products.  

Cisco Talos helps your security products stop attacks before they happen and block active attempts. Sleep better at night, knowing your organization is protected.

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