How to Turn Old Multimode Fiber Into 10gig Capable Fiber

How to Turn Old Multimode Fiber Into 10gig Capable Fiber

We recently saw one of the coolest innovations in structured cabling that has an amazing application for people needing to upgrade their network to 10gig.

Many of our clients these days are moving to 10gig. As they upgrade their older switching infrastructure, it makes sense to consider moving to 10gig backbones at the same time. But the problem is that in a lot of cases the fiber is older too, and usually multimode. Most 10gig applications require single mode fiber unless they are short distances.

Until now, the solution was to rip out the old multimode fiber and install new single mode fiber. Today, we have a new option: Panduit OneMode Link.

What does Panduit OneMode Link do?

This product has a variety of flavors depending on how many fibers you need. It is installed on both ends of the traditional multi mode fiber and will convert the signal to single mode as it heads to your switch port. The cool part here is that this product is completely passive, no electronics involved. The light passes through the equipment and is mechanically converted with no power supply required.

We love this solution. One of our clients got a demo of it to solve this exact problem because the cost to implement new fiber was going to be significant and time-consuming.

If you're interested in this solution as well, contact our team for a demo! We'll have one of our fiber experts come out and look at your specific situation.