5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Calling

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud Calling

Cloud calling and voice over IP (VOIP) are very similar.  They use the same kind of technology. 

The main difference is that in the past, VOIP has often referred to an on-premise type of phone solution, but with the caveat that it would run over your computer network. VOIP required servers to run special software, voice gateways to connect to phone lines, and power over ethernet switches to power up phones.   

With cloud calling, you no longer need most of this stuff.  Servers and voice applications are now hosted in the cloud. Voice gateways aren’t needed as phone lines are moved into the cloud as well. 

The only thing that remains are the phones, though many people choose use an app on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device instead.

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Reasons to Switch

Invest in the latest technology

Next time your phone system needs an upgrade, invest in cloud calling. It’s the next iteration of VOIP as you know it.  

Save money on support agreements

Annual support agreements mainly protect you if your equipment fails. With cloud calling, there isn’t any equipment to protect.  

Save money on phone lines

Because of how phone lines are utilized, you will likely spend less money than with cloud calling.

Invest savings into redundant internet connections

You can invest these savings into other areas, such as redundant internet connections. With so many cloud applications being reliant on the internet, this is a smart investment.

Take advantage of new features

You can take advantage of many new features that your existing phone solution either doesn’t support or are too costly to implement given the size of your system. Cloud calling levels the playing field so that all users get the same features, regardless of size.  

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